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Don't Be a Prick Set (Set of 6 <4in> Succulents)

Don't Be a Prick Set (Set of 6 <4in> Succulents)

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Don't be a Prick Set! 

All of these lovely succulents have a desert-esque look to them, without the dreaded thorns like cacti! 

Each set comes with the following 6 (4in) succulents 

- 1 Graptopetalum bellum (Tacitus bellus)

- 1 Pachyveria 'Blue Mist'

-1 Anacampseros rufescens

-1 Sempervivum calcareum 'Nigricans'

-1 Faucaria tigrina ‘Tiger Jaws’

-1 Adromischus cristatus 'Crinkle Leaf Plant'

*All of these will be shipped in their pots with the dirt, wrapped in protective tissue, and bubble wrap to ensure a safe journey!